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Organizers To The Rescue provide expert Professional Organizers. Organizers offer problem solving and immediate solutions to clear up the clutter. Professional Organizers enhance the lives of clients by implementing systems and processes to meet their individual needs. The organizers do all of the physical work and have customer confidentiality. The transformation of space help clients and businesses save time, money, energy, and enables them to take control of daily life. Once organized, everything is in its place and, the results are rewarding. You will be proud of the space you are in.

Do you feel overwhelmed, or, to embarrassed to have friends and family over your house? Do you have a lot of household and office clutter? Chaos in ones life can impact your health and give you unwanted stress. Clutter makes you waste time, money and diminishes energy. Being disorganized can make you procrastinate things you could be accomplishing. Now is time to gain control of your life!

Organizers to the Rescue

Janis and Darlene have worked in the corporate environment for over 19 years. In the past ten years Janis and Darlene job shared in a telecommunications Industry, specializing in Sales, Marketing and Finance. In the telecommunications field, organization is vital.

With department moves a constant way of life, the women were experts at learning to merge and purge office equipment and supplies sometimes by 50% and they were always be able to have a great level of comfort and efficiency even in times of having less space.

As a result, being able to juggle family and career they discovered that organization was the KEY to their success. Having worked together and developing a growing friendship, Janis and Darlene decided to start their own business venture. Being ambitious and driven the women decided that assisting others by sharing their experience and knowledge is a wonderful way to show that relief from chaos and opening the doors to freedom is just a simple solution away.

Janis Kowalski is a graduate of Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York receiving her B.S. in Marketing. Janis is active in her community, she is a substitute religion teacher, volunteers for a local Brownie troop and is a member on her town Revitalization Team. Janis lives in New York with her husband and three children.

Organizers to the RescueDarlene McDermott is a graduate from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, FL receiving her Associates degree in Fashion Retail Marketing. A volunteer Nursery School teacher and a Cub Scout leader, Darlene lives in New York with her husband and three children and is very handy around the house. Darlene has her own set of power tools and will gladly hang small items such as hooks, shelves and closet rods.

Janis and Darlene continually work with a variety of local charities. The amazing popularity of Organizers To The Rescue has resulted in Janis and Darlene growing their business in the NY and Northern NJ areas.

Serving Rockland County, NY, Westchester County, NY and Bergen County, NJ.

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