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HGTV Ideas magazine (Home and Garden Television) featured an article and picture on Organizers To The Rescue December 07. This was a result from winning a contest "How Home and Garden TV inspired me".

Click a cover to read each article:

HGTV Ideas magazine (Home and Garden Television) Rockland Magazine - April 2007 Rockland Magazine - October 2007 Riverton - February 2006
Riverton - September 2006 Rockland Magazine - Spring 2009 T&T News - February 2009


Janis Kowalski from Sloatsburg, NY and Darlene McDermott from Pearl River, NY are the expert Professional Organizers and owners of Organizers To The Rescue. Please visit the web site at www.organizerstotherescue.com.

We are proud to announce that we have been featured on local television , RNN channel 19 Hudson River News Center. We were invited to do an organizing demonstration for their Home and Garden segment (aired March 07).

Anyone who would like to reduce the stress in their life and even the frustration and anxiety levels associated with living with household clutter would benefit immensely.

Within a few hours Organizers To The Rescue will come in and transform bedrooms, closets, kitchens, home offices, basements, attics etc. into a "work of art". The transformation and space that emerges is always incredible.

With the slow down in the housing market, clearing out the clutter is the first step. Clutter eats equity and, as a result, more and more consumers will be looking for an advantage when selling their house. Organizers To The Rescue gets you results. They will make your home organized and look its best. (things like papers, toys personal items and other household items must be stowed away) An organized house will sell faster and gain a favorable selling price. If the homeowner has gets rid of things they do not want to take to their new place they will save on their moving fees as well.

The best part of this service is, what it offers back to our community and environment. The organizers are connected to many charitable organizations and they deliver tons of unused clothes, (Dress for Success) bags of toys, (women shelters) bags of food to local food pantries, appliances, furniture and more to many local charities. In addition, magazines, newspapers, plastics and glassware go to the appropriate recycle centers. Reducing junk mail alone can reduce the negative impact on our lives. Our environment can become "Green" enabling a bright healthy future just by applying simply organizing solutions.

The feeling of cleaning out ones home and knowing that the unwanted items will go to a "friend in need" is extremely rewarding and heartwarming! Professional Organizers "give permission" to women and men to get rid of the things weighing them down and to live with what they need and love. Statistics show that consumers can get rid of 20% of the items in their homes.

Another unique benefit is that the organizers motivate, educate and they do all of the physical work involved. As a result, the look of a room after the project is done is always unbelievable. Plus, the homeowner gains a happy feeling of tranquility in their new space.

Living a stress free life gives people more time for life’s pleasures. Simply put, you will have better quality of life once organized. To wake up in a clutter free bedroom will result in a more calming way to start your day. To go to sleep in a clutter free bedroom will give a peaceful nights rest. Children can perform better in school if they live in an organized space as well.

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