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"I was amazed with Organizers To The Rescue's expertise in sorting through my years of piled up clutter. They transformed my home into a nice relaxing place. I can actually invite family and friends over for the first time in years. I am so satisified!" - AnnMarie

"All of my expectations were met! You were fast and great! You had it all under contol, I liked everything about Organizers To The Rescue, it was the best four hours and my kids had a good time too! I would totally recommend both of you. Super Good" - Tami

"Organizers To The Rescue met all of my expectations and they both understood my needs. They actually participated in throwing things out and organizing everything in my home office. They were wonderful!" - Nancy

"Organizers To The Rescue exceeded my expectations, they're always listening and responsive and intuitive about decisions they make. Kept finding unexpected ways they bring solutions to problems I thought were intractable. I'm so happy." - Malcolm

"Organizers To The Rescue met my expectations and so much more, they definitely had a clear understanding of my areas of concern. I was impressed at how fast you worked, where things were put and how much was accomplished. I immediately recommended O.T.T.R. to a Nurse friend." - Evelyn

As an entrepreneur with a highly successful business, I find my career to be very rewarding. Running your own business comes with a busy work schedule and many hours of office work. It is a fact that mail, phone calls, and paperwork come in on a daily basis. I wanted to continue my mission for having an orderly efficient office. Since time is always a factor, I wanted to achieve balance, meet deadlines and accomplish more while saving time. I called "Organizers To The Rescue" and Professional Organizers came in to assist me with my work plan and goals. The organizers met my needs by offering solutions and giving me inspiring ideas. Files, bills, mail, business materials, and even work supplies were designated to specific places. The office was set up to handle all business correspondence in a neat orderly fashion. The office space and zones are easy to maintain. As a result, my business profits have increased. My office runs 100% efficiently and, I can spend more time with my passion for decorating. In addition, the women were a delight to work with. - Lenore C.


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